WORKSHOP Extreme DIY 16mm film bonanza! ‘DARKROOM CHRONICLES’ 9-10-11th of September!!!

WORKSHOP Extreme DIY 16mm film bonanza!” DARKROOM CHRONICLES 9-10-11th of September in SIGN.

“Extreme DIY 16mm film bonanza!”

This workshop offers a first-hand exploration into the world of photochemical moving-images and their tactile nature.
We will work in small groups with several different techniques on black & white 16mm film. No experience needed.

In the course of three days, we will collectively set-up a pop up darkroom and open space for new experiments and debates around filmic creation.
From in-camera shots to the use of unexposed 16mm filmstrips; A site for image making using light, objects and shadow play; participants will learn and engage with a whole new world of possibilities.

FROM 10.00-17.00 hrs.

DAY 1 – 9th of September
• contextual overview of the art of analog filmmaking
• hands-on use of hand-crank 16mm cameras (Bolex H16 and Krasnogork K3)
• bucket developing of the exposed negative film

DAY 2 – 10th of September
• the art of flatbed printing, photograms, rayograms, optical sound and other light sensitive stuff
• processing the film prints

DAY 3 – 11th of September
• guerrilla film editing
• screening of the results at 20:00 hrs.  (invite your friends and proud parents!!)

Contribution fee:
30,- euro per participant (this includes: filmstock / chemistry / found-footage use, materials, etc.)
Location: SIGN, Winschoterkade 10, Groningen www.sign2.n l

What to bring:
small flat objects that can be used to make photograms on 16mm, working clothes, flashlight

max. 10 participants

Instructors: Carlijn Fransen and Bernardo Zanotta (WORM.Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam, NL)