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Linda Stauffer & Anne Schmidt 
ECHO – Play in a Maquette 
Sunday, 14th of February between 4:00 PM – 5:30  PM, durational (loop of 20 minutes, drop in drop out via Zoom:

As part of the exhibition PROPS Linda Stauffer and Anne Schmidt are presenting the performance “ECHO – Play in a Maquette” online via Zoom on Sunday 14th of February 2021 at SIGN. In “ECHO”, Stauffer and Schmidt put into shape a set design for a theatre play with puppets in five scenes.

The partly horrifying dollhouse immerses the audience with its realization of the extraordinary importance of the small details of life. As a house within a house, the dollhouse articulates the tension between inner and outer spheres, of exteriority and interiority. Within the dollhouses’ mysterious manner of materialized secret, of play and control, “ECHO” hypostatizes the status of the interior such as facades, ornaments, marble, gold, pralines, fruits, faces to a self-envious show.

Linda Stauffer (Switzerland, 1990) entangles woodcarving, video and puppetry with fictional, non-linear narratives. Following on the script “Misrepresentation (2020)”, Stauffer expands for ECHO agender thinking by creatures named “Clitoris”, “Sirene”, “Splash” and “Viech”. Sensitively made, their life interweaved with threads. Thus, in their stages the puppets assume the reality of a fiction.

Anne Schmidt (Germany, 1991) variegates colors, text and clothing. Schmidts work distinguish by skilled manipulation of all material which comes to the artists way. The relation between miniature and giant becomes grotesque absurdity, when Schmidt counter-caricatures Stauffers puppets by clothing themselves in costumes called “I’m Queen Mary” and “Dwell”.

Stauffer and Schmidts work slices humor and critique into a multi-layered cake. Its opulent, detailed and very-hairy material. Take your bite.

The performance takes place entirely via Zoom and can be viewed on Sunday 14th of February between 4:00 and 5:30 PM. Sign up for free via Zoom link to see this experimental performance from your own sofa:

PROPS opens at 2nd to 28th of March 2021 at SIGN.