Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm & CLASH

4 – 7 April: SIGN presents at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden:
Jip de Beer: WEB SPACES – (RE)DISCOVER STOCKHOLM. This ‘site-specific’ interactive installation offers the visitor the opportunity to explore the virtual world of webpages in Stockholm and surroundings of the Supermarket Art Fair.
6 & 7 April: SIGN X CLASH
SIGN presents at CLASH in Grand Theatre ‘de Studio’: firm interdisciplinary interactive work by Pelle Schilling, “Incandescence-Rain” and in OOST a philosophical grunge performance video by Takeshi Ikeda: “ One-attack songs and amplified preface much longer than them”, a remake of Saburo Murakami’s paper performance and Napalm Death’s “1 second song”.