Still some beautiful things to see! Go on explorationtrip and discover the results of the spatial disruptions of Isabella Francis, Luuk Smits, Roman Tkachenko, Janne Schipper, Stephanie Rizaj, Mischa Lind & Tudor Ulrich on the Sugarfactory area and surroundings!
Developed and excecuted during their residence from 18th July-31th of August at Suikerlaan 36, Groningen.
Soon there will be films to see of Stephanie Rizaj, Micha Lind and Tudor Ulrich, Roman Tkachenko, Luuk Smits. Further in preparation a publication by the writers team: Maartje Terpstra, Sanne Morssink, Marije Groenen, Floor van Heuvel, Karlijn Vermeij!

Discover BAK.02 by Mischa Lind & Tudor Ulrich:
53.212474 N , 6.522529 E

FACADE Janne Schipper
1:1copies of the bands and pilasters of the west side of the Zeefgebouw.
Now upstairs at the entry of Wolkenfabriek

Banners of Isabella Francis
‘Comments on The City”

Negotiation Plot
Leftovers from Roman Tkachenko
1m2 ground for ‘the have nots’