PROLOGUE ‘Supermarket Art Fair’, Stockholm (SE) 2023


FOLLOW Olivier Arts & Lily Dollner from Groningen to Stockholm:–

SIGN participate with the young artist Lily Dollner (UK/IE 2000) and Olivier Arts (NL, Maastricht, 1994) at  the non-profit manifestation ‘Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm in Sweden from 11 to 14 May 2023. At 28th of February  they started their travel performance A WAY, a challenging foot  journey of 1187 km. from Groningen (NL) to Stockholm (SE), in which findings, experiences, activities are recorded in a variety of ways in their own artistic form. The results are forwarded to SIGN as much as possible in the meantime. Its a physical commentary, a reflection on the consumer society with all its excesses and the relationship to it.
Apotheosis and finish of the hike will take place at the start of Supermarket Art Fair on 11 May in Stockholm (SE). The result will be presented in the SIGN booth at Supermarket Art Fair, which will also be activated during the art fair by the artists.

Statement van Olivier Arts & Lily Dollner
SIGN projectspace, Groningen -> Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm
“An object cannot be more important than an experience.”
– Hamish Fulton

Taking a treadmill on a hiking trip: 1187km, we seek to challenge Hamish Fulton’s assertion regarding objects. In our neo-primitive nomadic approach we will embrace our hunter-gatherer survival instincts, as anarcho-primitivism advocates for,  but without neglecting or denying our modern technological advantages. We can’t go “back to Monke” but we can move forward to Goblin Mode. Does minimal comfort truly equal maximum satisfaction? Our hypothesis states that minimizing comforts such as varied food, reliable shelter, and relaxation, and emphasizing movement and basic needs in a primal manner, we will achieve a passive contentedness that will rival that of our primitive ancestors; without fully sacrificing the resources that modern day living afford us.