SPREAD zinemarket & spoken words

Saturday 25/9 & Sunday 26/9


From 12.00-17.00

Location: het resort, Meeuwerderweg 58

Participating artists:
 Mina Rassouli // Anastasia Krylova // Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez // Najiba Yasmin // Atelier Cambré // Stichting de Algehele Aanraking // Stencilwerck // Jessie Tam // Camilo Garcia Aycardi & Avital Barkai // Studio Machii // Homezeen // Kamile Cesnaviciute // Hansje Struijk // Loïs Dalou // Uitgeverij de Zwanenhals // Vrijplaats voor Verbeelding // Volkssnakkel // Ingrid Zijlema // Knetterijs // Onomatopee // Mara Piccione // Marina Sulima // Nikki Roosma // Istvan Hutter // Herman Knottnerus // Fynn van der Ziel // Amphibia // Ad Nauseam Press // Moree wu // Hocus Bogus Publishing // PUNTA LARA ediciones.

Laura Diez Garcia shows on the Zinemarket a selection of self publish artists books and fanzines from the basque country (for sale).
Saioa Olmo ( Eromecanica), Alberto Diez (Memoria(k), Arte y monacato), Raisa Alava, Hibernando estudios, Unai Requejo ( Teleport, Urmael, Lugorm), Ainhoa Gogreen (Imbéciles, Me he bajado tinder, Amor de verano), Josune Urrutia (Breve diccionario enciclopédico ilustrado de MI cáncer es, Así me veo), (Idoia Aragón, Mai Bonne Vivante, María Bedía, y Raquel Asensi) Fanzine Psicoclavo, Ivan Gomez (Por la sombra no quema), Eriz Moreno (Eroberungen, London, Armenia), ANTespacio ( Exquis cadavre, Vis-à-vis), La Tourette (Fanzine Latourette, Covidplanet Map), Alba Jato, Peio Camara (Black cat).
For more see also Library Display https://sign2.nl/events/spread-library-display/


Saturday 25/9

Spoken word
 BEURTVAART, a spatial shuttle service over the ‘Verbindingskanaal’ by boat! 
Between SIGN, het resort, ARTisBOOK. 
Text and helmsman’s art: Klaas Koetje 
Pick-up and drop-off places and times:
 Trompsingel, end of Trompkade :12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00 Praediniussingel, at Museum Bridge: 12.30, 13.30, 14.30, 15.30, 16.30

Sunday 26/9

Michiel Westbeek
‘The Performance Is Cancelled But Drinks Will Be Served’
From 15.00-15.30 
Westbeek needs your help! He finds himself with more questions than answers. So please, drop by, have a chat and earn a cocktail made on the spot.  
Location: het resort, Meeuwerderweg 58

The Performance Is Cancelled But Drinks Will Be Served
SIGN approached Michiel Westbeek with the request to create a new spoken word performance for this event, but after careful consideration Westbeek had to decline. As a writer/performer he is used to making sweeping statements, using poetry and wit to speak from a sense of urgency. But after 18 months or so of lockdown in Utrecht, a city he moved to days prior to the arrival of COVID in the Netherlands, Westbeek finds himself with more questions than answers, and he needs your help, which he promises will not go unrewarded. During lockdown he taught himself to make a large number of classic and modern cocktails from scratch, and he will be giving away during the performance to people willing to answer his questions. Of course you can also be rewarded for your trouble in low- and no-alcohol drinks – and there will be a regular bar, in case no free drinks find their way to you. So please, drop by, let’s have a chat together, share some stories and help each other figure out what world (and what shape) we are finding ourselves in.