SPREAD! – the Conference


Friday 17/9
SPREAD Zinefest kick off! @ het resort
Location: het resort, Meeuwerderweg 58
19.00 Dinner; a taco dinner by Kruimels
20:00 Jessie Tam: performance “The curse and the spells of the struggling artist”
21:00 Michiel Klein: performance “Ontdekkingsreis”

Saturday 18/9 Conference
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Location: SIGN, Winschoterkade 10
livestream: Helia Rafie & Klaudija Ylaite

soup & sandwiches

14.00-15.00 LECTURE



In a world where trying and spontaneous plays without rules are in danger of extinction, the fanzines, from a more intuitive language, are opened to linguistic and cultural exchanges, using texts, photography or illustration to generate other narratives without marked guidelines. A free refuge that fills the gaps that mainstream culture leaves, a place to give voice to those sounds that are not around in media and regular publications, a spot of resistance that invite us to reflect, go forward and bring up for discussion. It is interesting to see how self publishing opens up to the de-hierarchicalization of knowledge, on many occasions these practices generate a community with common interests open to collaborations and networking, creating collective creations. As Dora Haraway explains, fanzines can be mutant gardens full of hybrid forms where interspecies links; remixes and reinventing are accepted as a means to overcome the collapse of obsolete models.

15.00-16.00 LECTURE
Marc van Elburg Zinedepo /Parasite Academy
What can parasites parasite concepts tell us about zine networks?
How can we optimize the parasitic qualities of a zine in ways that
support an active DIY network culture?

16.00-17.00 LECTURE
Philippine Free Press and Fanzines
This talk gives an insight on the Filipino subculture including historical and contemporary zines incl. video with interviews renowned zinemakers.

Talk in ARTisBOOK
Homescreen & Knetterijs
A conversation on zine-making & collectivity with Homescreen & Knetterijs
Join us for an open conversation with the Groningen-based collectives Homescreen & Knetterijs, where we will be reflecting upon the historical display at ARTisBOOK, as well as sharing about their working process, collective practices, and the ways they collaborate and create on & offline.

Sunday 19/9 Conference
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Location: SIGN, Winschoterkade 10
livestream: Helia Rafie & Klaudija Ylaite

15.30-16.15 LECTURE
Joppe Venema, Vaneen “From one view to many “…
Vaneen (dutch for “from one”) is an artist-run publishing platform founded in 2016 by Dutch artist Joppe Venema. Vaneen brings together works and writings of artists, writers and musicians. In combination with printed matter, Vaneen releases special-edition publications and organises events related to its releases. This presentation will introduce the processes of Vaneen, previous releases and its inspirations for publishing. For this occasion of Spread Zine Festival, Vaneen will present its newest release by artist Gloriya Avgust, accompanied by a live performance after the lecture. www.vaneen.com

performance: “Loose ends hiding in kitchen” by Glorya Avgust
Loose ends hiding in kitchen drawers” (2021) is a performance which guides the audience into a non-linear narration that unfolds a self, situated in the crevice between the pressing body of memory and a yearning that continuously flexes its course. Artist statement: Gloriya Avgust’s multidisciplinary practice explores the interplay between the social, physical and sensible spaces that inhabit us. Borrowing language from daily encounters – from content found online to everyday interactions – she seeks to engage personal experiences that are fundamental facets of our selfhood. Her writing often pours over into other mediums in the forms of drawings, objects and performances, multiplying into myriad reflective surfaces in which we might recognize ourselves and our place in the world.


SKOLASTIKA/ JOSUNE MUÑOZ: FANZINISTS, FANFEMINISTS… FANZINES AND FEMINISMS. Talk about the importance of the fanzine as a way to reinvidicate feminism.

The history of the close and creative relationship between women and the comic is very unknown, and yet it dates back to the 18th century, specifically to 1762, the year in which the English Mary Darly wrote, drew and published “A book of caricatures” , the first manual about the art of caricature; a magnificent example of the originality, irony and humor that has accompanied many of the images created by women. Since then, and overcoming multiple social and vital obstacles of each historical period, women have created all kinds of materials in order to show their voices, teach their vision and claim new roles and images.

This striking visual talk is an analysis and reflection on the long and fruitful relationship between feminism as a social and political movement, and the fanzine. Due to their characteristics of creative freedom, self-publishing and distribution, fanzines have been, and are, an effective tool for women around the world to revindicate themselves as political subjects, make feminism proposals reach, and criticize the sexist and misogynistic images of the traditional comic. They offer stories and images that are radically free, critical, original and, let’s not forget, full of humor.

18.30 DINNER
Patat & salad!



Autoeditoras” is a traveling exhibition project for fanzines (self-published and self-managed publications) open all year round. These Latin American femzines (fanzines made by girls) form a mutant archive that is represented and compiled in the book ” Autoeditoras”. The project arose in 2015 from the hand of Iurhi Peña (illustrator) and Gelen Jeleton (plastic artist and creator of “Una archiva del DIY”) and currently we also have Berenice Medina in the team. Purpose is to use this file-book as an emancipating and collective self-care tool.