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Timeline – SPACE INVADERS, Jaleesa Mallée

SPACE INVADERS , Jaleesa Mallée

As part of Timeline project, Fear in Public Space, SIGN presents: #SPACE INVADERS by Jaleesa Mallée

Practiced actions are inseparable from the utilization of a public space. This project conceives the accessibility of public space from an abstract conceptual perspective, by identifying the tangible, perceivable rituals that make up the proces of going into/leaving public/private spaces.
 Upon scanning QR-coded tiles, ‘the public’ receives Jaleesa’s instructions. Instructions that provide ways to invade private spaces that, despite their ‘private’ status, are already visually accessible to the public.
In her research Jaleesa questions the moment of becoming either private or public, as well as the space wherein that moment takes place.
The space invaders tour has two missions which take you to different parts of Groningen. Curious?

Timeline projecten mede mogelijk gemaakt door bijdragen van Mondriaanfonds, Kunstraad Groningen, Stichting Stokroos

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