donderdag 25 februari 2010

STUKAFEST (nationale Studenten Kamer Festival)

Tijdens Stukafeest in Simplon , Boterdiep 69 te Groningen presenteert SIGN in het cafe en de rokersruimte:

Adriana Bogdanova: Song of the Sirens (2008)

+ een compilatie filmpjes uit de Videoskoop, Signs videoarchief.

Song of the Sirens (01:31min. loop)

“In my video installation ‘Song of the Sirens’ I create a contrast between the selfevident eroticism of vaginas and their representation in my installation as non erotic. In this way I take an ironic stand against the excessive way in which female sexuality is exploited in the media. But on the other hand I also create a kind of absurd biological landscape where the vaginas take part in a ritual of life of which the primal power can’t be ignored.”