RADIESTHETICS WORKSHOP , Dewi de Vree & Patrizia Ruthensteiner (iii)

RADIESTHETICS WORKSHOP by Dewi de Vree & Patrizia Ruthensteiner

Thursday 31th of March & Friday 1th of April 2016 at Minerva Art Academy
Part of iii: instrument inventors initiative, http://iiinitiative.org
Results & performance will also be shown at the opening Sunday 3th of April 16.00 hr. at SIGN

Explore the invisible world around you and discover the electromagnetic waves in your surrounding with your self built electromagnetic receiver.
In this hands on workshop participants will build and perform with their own antenna sculptures which receive electromagnetic waves and make them audible through sound.

‘Radiesthetics’ is the workshop of ‘Magnetoceptia’: a project by Dewi de Vree & Patrizia Ruthensteiner.
“Magnetoception” means a sense which allows an organism to detect a magnetic field to perceive direction, altitude or location.
’Magnetoceptia’ is a series of performances and installations based on self made wearable instruments, like antenna costumes, which pick up electromagnetic signals and make them perceivable through electronic sound. Bent rods, stems, all kind of other materials are combined with open electronics and coils of copper wire wound into different patterns into the costume. The project is an investigation on different properties of natural and technological materials. The experienced sound is site specific and depends on the physical properties of the location. It is modulated by the performers by their positions and movements relative to the space and each other.

The workshop will take 2 days. After an introduction about electronics and electromagnetics, we’ll build an amplifier, which is necessary to amplify the signal picked up by the antenna. It consists of an electronic circuit with a chip and a couple more components.

In the second part we’ll build the actual antenna sculpture, based on early radio technology from the 19th century. It will consist out of a basic frame and different kinds of electrical conducting wire, wound on various ways through the structure. Every participant can choose their own materials and design, which leads to a unique sound for everyone. The instrument can now be tested by experimenting with picking up signals from different electromagnetic senders and exploring the area of different locations.

After discovering the possibilities of the instrument, we will dedicate the last part of the workshop for a performance together. The results will also be shown in SIGN at the exhibition from 3rd until 23rd of April. The opening is 3rd of April at 16.00 hrs.
N.b. Participants don’t need to have advanced soldering skills, but a basic knowledge and interest in electronics is a pré.

Data: Thursday 31th of March & Friday 1th of April
Time: From 11.00 until 17.00 hrs.
Where: Minerva Art Academy, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 158, Groningen

‘Radiesthetics’ is in collaboration with iii instrument inventors initiative, Minerva Art Academy, Frank Mohr Institute MAD Tech and SIGN. 
It is a part of In Praise of Shadows a project organized by SIGN from 31th of March until 23rd of April 2016 and consist of 4 elements : Workshop/ City Sondols in public place/ No Patent Pending #19 performance evening at 2nd of April in DE GYM/ and the exhibition In Praise of Shadows in SIGN from 3rd until 23rd of April 2016.