LIMINALITY , Tirza Mafi, Lotte Beets, Brecht Kuiper, Julia van der Lee, Mairéad Murphy, Mara Romaşcu


25 – 28 May

A Maydays project


Tirza Mafi, Lotte Beets, Brecht Kuiper, Julia van der Lee, Mairéad Murphy, Mara Romaşcu

Opening: Thursday May 25, 16:00 – 21:00 hrs

Friday May 26: 12:00 – 17:00 hrs. Tea Time at 13:00 hrs

Saturday May 27: 16:00 – 21:00 hrs. Music

Sunday May 28: 12:00 – 17:00 hrs Poetry Day



Tirza Mafi
“Get intimate: insides-out”

The object that is always moving, keeping itself alive, ingesting, secreting, exchanging, dividing, multiplying. It has become self-aware and spends its whole existence distracting itself from what it is: a machine made of soft, wet components that is working until it can’t anymore. Its continuation has always been conditional and temporary.
Being conscious of the fact causes the machine distress, it cannot cope with the concept of either infinity or nothingness. Therefore, it comes up with systems of meaning in the form of gods, philosophy, rituals, idols, capital.
The human condition is the most unbearable liminal space, yet we have found some truly astounding ways to make it through. Now that religion has made place for self-commodification, we have never been so eager to get to know ourselves. But have you ever seen your insides?

Mara Romaşcu
2023, Installation

I can only hope you dream of this.
Maybe you like it, maybe u don’t;
comfortable, uncomfortable…
This is a tiny house, a little place made for you and I, in which we can be anything. It’s not real, it’s another world, it’s a dream, it’s a wish, it’s your fears, it’s whatever you want it to be.

My work is about dreams and dissociation. I like to get inspired from the illusions and hallucinations that happen as we fall asleep, while we dream or when we experience any kind of sleep disorder that disrupts and affect the way sleep. I try to play with the idea that things are not what they seem to be, or an object might look like something else at first, as I find that to be a common characteristic of dreams. I also try to bring attention to how much they affect our everyday life and to question where is the line drawn between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Mairéad Murphy

I long to be engulfed by the vast landscapes of my home, disconnecting from the concept of reality. A sudden urge comes through me, triggering my hand to move and release both colour and form. My aim is to capture a transitional or transformative state between what we perceive as reality and the changes that occur. Nature is the one place I feel both a physical and mental change in my state of mind and is what I perceive a liminal space to be. Somewhere that leaves you with wonder and fear, at the silence of the vastness it holds.

Lotte Beets

For the project Liminality, I want to take you into the feeling of some places, places you don’t usually visit as a destination. Places you use to get to where you want to go. A harbour, a road. I want to show you the beauty of standing still for a moment here.

Julia van der Lee
“In between touch”

For me, nightlife represents a celebration of life, a chance to let loose and connect with others in a joyful and carefree way. In my work, I seek to capture the essence of this celebration through the use of bold colors, dynamic compositions, and playful imagery. I am particularly drawn to the visual language of dance and movement, and I often incorporate these elements into my pieces to create a sense of rhythm and flow.
But there is also a darker part to nightlife. Hearts beat fast, pupils grow bigger, and people are dancing to the beat. Sweating, dancing, taking drugs, drinking beer, kissing, groping, crying, laughing. What makes nightlife so appealing? Is it the before, during, or the after? Is it the seeing and being seen? Is it the danger that lurks behind the corner on your way home? I always found nightlife to have a dark atmosphere. Those eyes stared at me and the thoughts behind them also. Lust or love?
Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create work that is both visually engaging and stimulating. But also makes you think about the two opposites. It’s almost like a transitional period. For the viewer to see the painting, at the same time feel the painting. But also feel the tension between the characters.

Brecht Kuiper

I am driven by curiosity. By listening to myself and giving in to the material or medium I work with I discover worlds I have never seen, heard, or felt before. I ask myself questions like how can I change it? Or what can I do with the material?
Movement, rhythm and connection are important elements that I work with. My art is always evolving through time and space. I capture my own movements that create a network in its own language. For my work ‘Connectors’ I am building a sculpture or network that seems finished but never ending. The fascinating part for me is how you can connect all the small pieces together and create something beautiful. As a symbolism for how things work in this life. We keep each other alive. If we do not stand together, we cannot rise, which I think is the beauty of life. Our source. Let’s create and celebrate.