A translation from the new forms of digital arts to the urban environment

19 juni t/m 27 juni 2004

nieuwe media installatie

eindpresentatie Frank Mohr MFA Interactive Media & Environments

Digital art forms are the fruit of urban space, a relationship that has its effect on the conceptual, visual and audio aspects of educated creativity. At its core, urban space as art form sustains the vibe of basic social interaction of individual, commercial or alternative representation from which digital art draws its inspiration.

Analyzing, criticizing, exploring, assimilating are all aspects of this urban environment that art has achieved. New media is in much subtler relationship with this space, because technology is at the root of both new media and city infrastructure, one is built by it and the other on is its reflection.

My observations of this field, where analysis becomes resourceful documentation, generate the core of my study area, the process staying on its own, independent its own initiator. Shape is losing its initial meaning of translation and becomes creative means.

The focus of this research is the sub-cultural urban environment in permanent shift and sub-language representation. Digital art forms have a direct impact in this urban category, even if this sub-culture is not fully aware of it: it’s more like a self-projection, a pattern implemented without a previously acknowledged background.

The elements of this under-culture: self-advertising, graffiti, posters, stencil-art and other publicly exposed elements convey a clear image of a group / individual, influencing new media forms. These forms, in their turn, are implemented with the scope to create a subtle but strong impact.

All visual, sound and shape elements taking place in the urban space are my personal perception: materials come in contact with the expansion of new media environments. These are all elements that have emerged from my previous installations and are still the main inspiration of the present works.