AXILIAD Artur Poterski & Martin Schäufler

Artur Poterski & Martin Schäufler


Axiliad is an animation project losely based on the 1971 novel by the same name of the Polish author Edward Stachura. Partnering up with multiple musicians from various musical backgrounds (conservative, pop and avantgarde) Artur Poterski strives to express the main character’s internal turmoil visually aswell as musically, using the cultural language of the before mentioned media.

Twenty hours, zero minutes
Twenty-one hours, zero minutes

Noise artist and instrument builder Martin Schäufler and his Harsh Noise project MS IDENTITÄTSPROBLEM provides the musical support for AXILIAD. In his two performances he’s (ab)using a variety of home made fuzz-pedals as pulse-generators, trying to blur the boarders between conscious and the subconscious, between experimental music and torture, aiming to push the listener beyond his physical limits.

(Axiliad is the graduation project of Artur Poterski)