A Mouse´s Skull: OPENING 1 May: 15.00-19.00 hrs

A Mouse´s Skull
Jaehun Park
Elif Satanaya Özbay
Tomasz Skibicki

I kept discovering things that invalidated what I already knew,
And then I learned things that showed me that everything was much simpler than what I’d previously imagined,
That all languages are connected by comparable patterns of logic.
I didn’t know until I did, that I didn’t need to know everything,
But I still wanted to know it all, or for what I did know to make sense cohesively as one thing,
Not a mix of different stratum eroding over a fault line,
But like dunes with no footprints but snake tracks and tree roots all the way into the water.

Text by Holly Childs:
Image by Jonathan Castro:

Exibition: 01.05-30.05.21
Opening: Saturday 1st of May from 15.00-18.20 hrs.
Visit the opening? Between 15.00-18.20 hrs. you can meet the artists and view their works. 10 visitors per time slot: 15.00-15.40-16.20-17.00-17.40-18.20 hrs. Choose a timeslot call or send a message to 0623631796 or email

Visit the exhibition? Register at the door or call/text/app: 0623631796 or email to:, max. 5 persons at a time. The exhibition is on display until May 30. SIGN is open: Tue-Sat: 12-17 & Sun: 14-17 hrs. SIGN follows the guidelines of RIVM and the government.

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