12-2: ‘Growing Together’ workshop by Sophia Löwe 15.00hrs.

We tend to slip out of the womb, the way we slip out of togetherness, bloody, messy & surprised to be alone. And clever- able to learn with our whole bodies the ways of this world.” (Adrienne Maree Brown, Emergent Strategy, 2016, 10)

Workshop ‘Growing Together’ by Sophia Löwe Wednesday 12-February 15-17 hrs. in SIGN

How do we nurture?” poses one of the central questions of Sophia Löwe’s current installation at SIGN. She has been contemplating strategies of community and social growth in which nurturing is recognized as something that we all always already do through interaction with and recognition of each other.

Sophia sees nurturing as respecting, supporting and sustaining emergent processes in the world around us, a “becoming with” community, cooperation, resilience, partnership, learning, collaborative sustainability. The idea that “m/othering” is restricted to the childbearing women in our society makes it difficult for us to realize in which ways we all encourage nurture and growth.
In the workshop GROWING TOGETHER, Sophia invites the visitors to explore the space in a guided manner, to ask questions, ‘learn with our whole bodies’ and share our experience. Offering a space to talk, rest, share and move, we invite you to bring a cozy clothes/blankets/pillows (if wanted/needed) and join us in the WOMB for tea, cake and sharing togetherness.